Crown & Dagger Swashbuckling Tales

Someone murdered the woman he loves and he’s going to make them pay.

Shey Healdan, Marquis of Cabrien, was startled to learn that his mother was part of a secret society of assassins who dwell in the deepest and darkest of Europe’s forests, the Białowieża. Now, someone has ordered the death of the woman Shey loves, and he means to learn who and why, at any cost. With his nation teetering on the brink of civil war, he has one final chance to avenge her and ensure peace, but the price of that peace may be the final remnants of his tattered heart.

Kestrel is book one of the epic romance series, Crown & Dagger Historical Romance. If you enjoy Summer Hanford’s sweet, imaginative and action filled romances, you’ll love Kestrel. Join in the adventure, humor and love when you pick up your copy today.

Dain has failed before… but never with stakes this high.

Nearly a decade ago, ordered to protect a queen, he watched her lose her head. Now, he’s been given the same task again. But the death of this monarch would mean more than continued servitude for Dain. The loss of Anne would also destroy his heart.

Once considered the very best of a group of secret assassins available only to Europe’s elite, Dain of House Red Fox fell from grace in a single, spectacular failure. He’s been struggling to recover from that loss for nearly a decade, hampered by the fickle nature of love. Now, he’s close to settling his debts and gaining his freedom, only to find one last task, one final opportunity to make the mistake of placing love over honor, stands in his path.

If you enjoy fast paced, adventure filled historical romance, you’ll love Red Fox, the stand alone second novel in Summer Hanford’s Crown & Dagger Historical Romance trilogy. To join in the danger, romance and fun, pick up your copy today.

The adventure concludes with Forest Hart in 2023.

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