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Thrice Born Series

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Gift of the Aluien

Tormented by dark dreams of death and rebirth, young Aridian serves an aging knight whose despondency leaves the kingdom without a hero when it needs one most. Evil is at work, pulling the crown prince down into madness and leeching away the life of his beautiful fiancée.

Will Aridian rally his master and realize his potential in time to save them, or will the grasping claws of evil claim the throne?

The first edition of Gift of the Aluien was released by Martin Sisters Publishing in 2012, and the second edition in 2016.

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Hawks of Sorga

Ari is finally settling into his new life as heir to Sir Cadwel, but his happiness is shattered by a foul Empty One known as The Caller. With his massive army of undead wolves, the Caller is rampaging through Sorga, murdering and burning, but to what end?

To defend his home, Ari must learn to be the leader Sorga needs and find a way to defeat the ancient evil of the Caller. Along the way, Ari will discover what his enemy is seeking, and who his real friends are.

The first edition of Hawks of Sorga was released by Martin Sisters Publishing in 2013, and the second edition in 2016.

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Throne of Wheylia

The time is finally at hand for Ari to realize his dream of becoming King’s Champion, but will happiness be overshadowed by strife? Mysterious deaths plague the Wheylian throne, drawing Ari into a struggle that will test his training, his strength and his honor.

Though the fate of nations hangs in the balance, Ari must also contend with the ever-growing complexities of his relationships and his role as Sir Cadwel’s heir. He will learn that with growing privilege comes growing responsibility, especially for one who holds the power of destiny in his hands.

The first edition of Throne of Wheylia was released by Martin Sisters Publishing in 2014, and the second edition in 2016.

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Plains of Tyrbunn

Burdened by the knowledge of an ancestral enemy, Ari, King’s Champion, must journey into the heart of the Tybrunn Plains. A harsh land ruled by the magical equine race of the Questri, Ari soon learns on the plains, the lives of men are cheap. Charged by duty and honor, Ari must do all in his power to secure enduring peace for his kingdom and the people he loves, on a quest that will test his resolve, integrity, and ultimately, his compassion.

Plains of Tybrunn was released by Martin Sisters Publishing in 2016.


Shores of K’Orge

Join Ari on his journey across the ocean for the conclusion of the Thrice Born Series!

Available in 2017






Thrice Born Chronicles

Fall of Larkesong Front Cover New

The Fall of Larkesong

From the world of Summer Hanford, author of Hawks of Sorga and Gift of the Aluien, comes a short story of momentous times. Join the legendary bard Larkesong for the tragic finale to his life as a mortal, and glimpse the mighty Sir Cadwel in his youth, in this dramatic tale of music, romance, heartbreak and war.


Kindle Only

The Forging of Cadwel New

The Forging of Cadwel

From the world of Summer Hanford, author of Hawks of Sorga and Gift of the Aluien, comes a short story of momentous times. Join Sir Cadwel in his youth for his first great adventure as he struggles to free his homeland from the shackles of subjugation and seeks to win the heart of a beautiful girl.


Kindle Only

Hawk Trials for Mirimel New

Hawk Trials for Mirimel

From the world of Summer Hanford, author of Hawks of Sorga and Gift of the Aluien, comes a short story of momentous times. Young Mirimel has prepared for her chance to be a Hawk Guardian for nearly all of her fourteen years, but with the Hawk Trials only days away, her life becomes a confusion of sorting friend from foe. Join Mirimel as she strives to comprehend love, betrayal and her own little bit of magic.


Kindle Only

The Sword of Three Front Cover New

The Sword of Three

From the world of Summer Hanford, author of the Thrice Born series, comes a short story of momentous times. Discover how Prince Parrentine and Princess Siara reconcile, and learn more about the origins of Ari’s greatsword and the mysterious stones fought over in the Hawks of Sorga.


Kindle Only

Pride and Prejudice variations written with Renata McMann. To learn more, click on a cover below or visit

Along with co-author Renata McMann, Summer Hanford is honored to be included in this beautiful Pride & Prejudice box set published by Drakon Press.

About Summer

Summer Hanford grew up on a dairy farm in Upstate New York. She earned her bachelor’s degree in experimental psychology and went on to do graduate and doctoral work in behavioral neurology. Eventually turning away from long hours spent in research, Summer has returned to her childhood dream of writing fantasy novels, although she enjoys turning her pen to science fiction, Regency and adventure as well.

Though primarily a fantasy author, starting in 2014 Summer was offered the privilege of partnering with fan fiction author Renata McMann on her well-loved Pride and Prejudice variations. For more extensive information on these works than is available here, please visit

Summer is currently writing the fifth novel in her fantasy series, working with McMann, providing content for, creating and managing websites, and is the fantasy and science fiction faculty member at AllWriters’ Workplace and Workshop, LLC., an international creative writing studio. She lives in Michigan with her husband and compulsory, deliberately spoiled, cats.


Look for Summer Hanford signing books at the Arizona Renaissance Festival on March 11th, 2017. Also this spring, Summer will hold her annual book signing at the Sycamore Hill Gardens Father’s Day event on June 17th. On July 8th of 2017, Summer will host a Celebrity Saturday at AllWriters’ Workplace and Workshop. In November of 2017, look for Summer at the 2017 World Fantasy Convention in San Antonia, Texas.

Check back for more updates!

Summer’s Work

The first four books in Hanford’s five book Thrice Born series are now available. They include: Gift of the Aluien, Hawks of Sorga, Throne of Wheylia and Plains of Tybrunn. Book five, Shores of K’Orge, is forthcoming in 2017. Shorter works appear in various magazines and anthologies, including Aoife’s Kiss, Something Wicked Anthology Vol. II, Daughter of Icarus, The Ampersand Review and Nightmare Walkers and Dream Stalkers Vol. II, as well as in her Thrice Born Chronicles, a collection of short stories designed to augment her Thrice Born series.

In 2013, Hanford was invited to speak at the Southeast Wisconsin Book Fest, where she did a reading from her first fantasy novel, Gift of the Aluien, followed by a question and answer session. In 2014, Hanford was a panel member at the 2014 World Fantasy Convention for the topic, Portraying War in Fantasy. At the 2015 World Fantasy Convention, Hanford participated on the panel, Epic Fantasy and the Uses of Weapons. In 2016, Hanford was part of World Fantasy Convention panel titled When to Stop.

If you enjoy the interviews below and would like to see more of Summer’s Interviews, click HERE.

  • Summer Hanford’s short story, Universal Underground, is included in the Daughters of Icarus anthology.


    Click to view on Amazon!

  • Summer Hanford’s short story, How Satan Died and the Imprisonment of God, was featured in Something Wicked magazine.


    Click to view on Amazon!

  • How Satan Died and the Imprisonment of God was featured in Something Wicked Anthology of Speculative Fiction, Volume Two.


    Click to view on Amazon!

  • Summer Hanford’s found poem, Save the Dutch Estate, was featured in the AllWriters’ Found Poem Collection on Ampersand Review.


    Click to view online!

  • Summer Hanford’s short story, Devil’s Tail, was included in Nightmare Stalkers and Dream Walkers Volume Two.


    Click to view online!

  • Summer Hanford’s short story, Super Killer, was included in Aoife’s Kiss, the eleventh anniversary issue.


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